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the debut album from Kalm Kaos

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Kalm Kaos Music
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Kaos In Mind is the debut EP from hard rock/modern metal writing outfit Kalm Kaos. Following two years notching up over 150 gigs on the local circuit in former covers band Roadster Rock, Karl Westwood (principal song-writer, guitars, keyboards, audio engineer) and Max Borsa (lyricist, lead vocals, guitars), have turned their hands to writing and recording. Over the past 18 months the boys have honed their skills in the art of writing, recording and studio production, culminating in this collection of hard hitting and thought provoking tunes that they are immensely proud of. From the moving and very personal “Once Invincible” to the rousing and powerful “In God We Trust” and the emotive “Made in England”, Kaos In Mind sets the style and tone for the band and encompasses social observation, post-apocalyptic worlds, the universe and beyond! Kalm Kaos is busy writing and recording new material due for release over the coming months, but in the meantime, sit back, take a deep breath and let the Kaos begin. KK recommends you play the album LOUD.

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