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Max Borsa & Karl Westwood


Lyricist, lead vocals and guitars with Kaos. Max pays deference to the classic bands of the past, whilst taking inspiration from the new wave of hard rock and modern metal music of today.  Thought provoking lyrics and topical subject matter, Max writes from the gut, delivering memorable melodies and inspired words. 


Max Borsa | Vocals | Lyrics
Karl Westwood | Music | Production


Principal song writer, guitarist and engineer with Kaos. Multi-instrumentalist, playing guitars, keyboards, bass as well as the audio engineer behind the Kaos recordings. Like Max, Karl's style of riff-writing is a blend of old and new, a fusion of blues, rock and metal, that combine to give Kaos their unique sound. Recording, engineering and production duties are down to Karl, at Kaos Studios in Edenbridge.

Max Borsa

Karl Westwood

Steve Ingar

Kyle Logan

| lyrics, vocals, guitars

| music, guitars, keys, vocals

| bass

| drums, percussion

All songs written by Max Borsa and Karl Westwood.

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